Sunday, 3 June 2012

"Life is the most amazing tale" H.C.Andersen

At the begining I would like to present a figure of the famous Danish 
fairy tales writer H.C. Andersen (1805-1875). 
When I was a child, his stories used to make a great impression on me.
By the way, it was in his book, I did my very first drawings as a kid 
(I still keep these drawings, though they have faded a bit :-) ).
Recently I read his biography (J.Andersen, "Andersen - en biografi", 
Gyldendal, Denmark, 2003) and it impressed me as much as his tales.
Well, he was very talented, complicated and beautiful man...
The figure I made is in scale 1:12. The coat and the hat can be removed. 
The smallest are the buttons on the vest - about 2mm in diameter. 
The set includes a walking stick. 

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  1. Wonderful figure! So glad you kept your earliest drawings - I wish I had kept some of mine. I no longer draw and need to re-learn the skill I think. Sandie