Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A life full of sketches...

I would like to present Eduardo, a man fully dedicated to his passion.
His head is full of ideas and he love to transfer the ideas to paper.

The figure is in the Renaissance style, scale 1:12, about 16cm tall.
Eduardo is slightly bald and, well, rather tubby.
He is dressed in a purple doublet and wide, brown trousers.
His head is adorned with a beret distinctive for Renaissance painters.
He has a sketchbook stuffed with sketches and, of course, pencils.

What  do the sketches of Eduardo show? People and still life.
The persons on the sketches are the inhabitants of my Miniature Avenue.
Indeed, I took pictures of my figures - some of them not yet presented
in this blog - and turned them into sketches
and then loaded them into Eduardo's sketchbook.
The still life sketches also present my own creations.

You can guess from expression of his eyes, that Eduardo finds
sometimes  his own life a collection of sketches,
some of them quite ironic...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Basket filled with oranges

After 67 years a 19th century Polish painting "Jewish selling oranges"
of Aleksander Gierymski has been returned
to its original home - the National Museum of Warsaw.
The painting has been missing since the second world war
and was unexpectedly found one year ago on one of foreign auction.

Both the history of the painting and an old, tired woman
on in inspired me to introduce this theme to my miniature world.
The woman selling oranges... - what was she like?
How was her life? What did she cook on that very day?
When admiring a painting I am always wondering
who were people presented on it.
The first thing I am always paying attention to in art
are the ways of expressing human personality.
This is definitely most important for me.
And so fascinating is the foggy  view of old Warsaw in the background!

The character I sculptured is made in 1:12 scale ( about 15 cm tall)
and seems to be tired of life. She wears a cap (removable)
and a thick shawl around her shoulders.
And of course there is also a basket filled with oranges...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Care for Pinocchio...

131 years ago, the Italian writer Carlo Collodi wrote 
his most famous story "The Adventures of Pinocchio".
In a small Italian village, an old woodcarver named  Geppetto 
desperately wanted to have a son.
So one day he carved Pinocchio from a piece of wood, 
which was able to speak.

With his difficult character and an extraordinary tendency to lie
Pinocchio struggles through his life path.
He gets into trouble, one after another, but with help 
from Geppetto and a fairy with blue hair and a talking cricket, 
after many terrifying adventures, he manages to come 
back to normal life.

For some people it is just a story about a boy whose nose 
lengthened when he was lying.
For others it is a story about a courage to know yourself, 
which leads to a positive transformation and to building deep 
relationships with other people.

Are stories of this type naïve?
Maybe, but I am afraid that only for those who cannot 
or do not want to understand the true meaning of the fairy tales.
I really like the story of Pinocchio...

Figures are in scale 1:12.
Geppetto is 16 cm tall and Pinocchio is 11 cm tall.
Look at them: What nice guys!