Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bakery under the Lucky Rooster

I do like freshly baked crusty bread and all the baked goods. 
In particular, when they are still warm...

I also like baking them by myself - a wonderful process that integrates me with "Mother Nature". 
I always treat this process as a celebration at home.  The roughness of the table, my hands dipped in cold flour and the natural leaven, living its own life.  Like a small wonder... 

As a little girl I liked so much watching my grandmother baking breads. My lovely grandmother baked bread according to old recipes,  in a real bread oven. She baked such large quantities of bread that she could share with her neighbors. 
My grandmother has unfortunately passed away, but there are still connecting threads between us, one of them being the recipes my grandma left me. I use them frequently.

That is why I could not resist making a wooden stall with bread goods and an old-fashioned baker. You will find a variety of delicious goods there: breads, bagels, pretzels, baguettes...
And all this is made ​​by me with polymer clay and unfortunately inedible ... :-) 

The stall is made by me of wood. The rooster is a decorative element I sculptured in polymer clay, and it appears on the top of the stick with pretzels.

The baker is large and thick. He is 20 cm tall. He is dressed fashionably old. He has an orange doublet, brown knickerbockers and a white cap. 
His face suggests the involvement in his occupation, which he loves and has been doing for years...

Bon appetit!