Sunday, 22 September 2013

Happy Alexander

I remember one of my close relatives telling me about a French comedy entitled "Very happy Alexander".   

A humorous plot of the movie combined with serious life circumstances of the relative who told me about the movie made the character of Happy Alexander etch in my memory. So much, that I sculptured the character.

I have never watched the movie, so I did not model the physical features of happy Alexander (played by an excellent French actor, Philippe Noiret, by the way). Rather, I modelled his personality, as sketched by the relative who told me about the movie. Interestingly enough, that relative of mine probably also projected some of his own traits onto the way he sketched the personality of Happy Alexander. This led to a fascinating mixture of traits that I have just tried to express by sculpturing the character of Happy Alexander.

The plot of the movie is, as I was told, focused around Alexandre, a young and honest French farmer, oppressed by an authoritarian wife, who makes him work like a dog. When she dies in a car accident, he decides to lead a completely lazy life and do nothing.

My vision of Happy Alexander is in 1:12 scale (14 cm). He has quite a lot of wrinkles and senile  and rheumatic changes. All these elderly imperfections mean, however, nothing compared to his young spirit, full of longing.

He is dressed in a black shirt,  a brown vest and gray trousers.
He wears flip flops on his dirty feet. He smokes a cigar. He, actually, has a full supply of cigars,  happy, old sybarite! 

I have to see that movie, eventually!