Saturday, 14 July 2012

Basket filled with oranges

After 67 years a 19th century Polish painting "Jewish selling oranges"
of Aleksander Gierymski has been returned
to its original home - the National Museum of Warsaw.
The painting has been missing since the second world war
and was unexpectedly found one year ago on one of foreign auction.

Both the history of the painting and an old, tired woman
on in inspired me to introduce this theme to my miniature world.
The woman selling oranges... - what was she like?
How was her life? What did she cook on that very day?
When admiring a painting I am always wondering
who were people presented on it.
The first thing I am always paying attention to in art
are the ways of expressing human personality.
This is definitely most important for me.
And so fascinating is the foggy  view of old Warsaw in the background!

The character I sculptured is made in 1:12 scale ( about 15 cm tall)
and seems to be tired of life. She wears a cap (removable)
and a thick shawl around her shoulders.
And of course there is also a basket filled with oranges...


  1. Agnieszka, to, co tworzysz, to sztuka. Jestem pod wrażeniem.

  2. Replies
    1. Your comment sounds and looks beautiful! :-) Thank you!

  3. Piękna jest. Zastanawiam się skąd w Tobie tyle cierpliwości do dopracowania najdrobniejszego szczegółu. Gratuluję!

    1. Ja jestem generalnie b.niecierpliwa... To mój poskramiacz! :-)

  4. This is an extremely poignant figure, with lots of character as always. Sandie