Friday, 30 November 2012

"It should be pink and with lots of blonde curls!" -
a toy making story :)

Here are two sets which I prepared as a gift specially for my friend's little daughters.

The sets differ in style from my usual work (which you can see in other posts in this blog), but this is because I was constrained by the wish the girls had expressed so clearly: "It should be pink and with lots of blonde curls!". :) Moreover, I took care of making it soft, so instead of my standard materials I used a very thin felt for making clothes and accessories.

To avoid any fights between the girls the two sets are very similar, but they are obviously not exactly the same.
Dolls are made in 1:6 scale (1:12 would be too small for awkward childish hands).

Each set contains a girl figurine, a baby doll in a baby carrier, and a basket filled with baby accessories: a bottle, a dummy, a rattle, a teething ring, a bath duck, and two nappies. Additionally, there are heart shaped lollipops hidden in the pockets of the figurines' aprons.

Well, the only thing that remains now is to wish my friend's two daughters, Weronika and Marta, a great fun! :)