Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Siuda Baba" prowls...

According to folklore it is believed that on Easter Monday in the Polish city of Wieliczka  Siuda Baba prowls... Who is she?

Her legend dates back to pagan times. In a period renowned for lawlessness and exceptional ruthlessness, primitive people were always ready to trample over others to achieve one's aim. I can get the impression sometimes that nothing has changed in human relationships since then...

Well… Siuda Baba was a fire guardian in a pagan temple. She was obliged to guard the flames and keep it burning the whole year round. There was a rule that Siuda Baba could not leave the fire, as such her skin was stained black from the smoke and soot. Also, her role allowed her no time to wash.

After years of extreme desperation, with a pagan determination, like a monster, Siuda Baba, was leaving the temple in search of a successor. That's why she started to hunt. Who will be the next victim? Of course the next one who is dumb enough to get caught...

My doll is 25 cm tall. She's not tidy. She carries a large cross in hand and she has a necklace made of chestnuts around her neck, and a large bag filled with potatoes. She is also dressed in modern jeans and dark blue sneakers. This is because her legend is now preserved through the custom of people dressing and performing as Siuda Baba each year in and around Wieliczka.

The period I spent creating this character was a profoundly interesting time for me. :-)


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nice echoes of my exhibition in Denmark

Today I got this nice surprise from Birthe Knuth - the owner of Miniseum in Denmark (http://www.miniseum.dk/) where my exhibition took place . This is a short note about me in a Danish magasine Hjemmet  :-)