Wednesday, 31 October 2012

In safe nanny's arms

When you're small and helpless and the world around is so big and sometimes even frightening and incomprehensible, there is nothing better than someone's secure arms warmly wrapped around you... 

Just look at the figures I made. A nanny full of calm and a sleeping baby girl . It's 1:12 scaleThe nanny is about 15 cm tall . She's old-fashioned. She has a grey blouse, a black skirt and a white apron. In the apron's pocket a baby bottle is hidden. In nanny's right hand there is a dummy (not larger than 0.5 cm). On the nanny's grey hair there is a white nanny's cap. The baby girl is 6.5 cm tall . She is dressed in a white dress and a white baby cap that can be removed.