Saturday, 3 August 2013

The summer full of trolls

One of the most famous elements of Scandinavian folklore are trolls. 
They are believed to inhabit the areas of Scandinavia that are intact 
by humans - isolated rocks, mountains, or caves.

Trolls are famous for that they love to play pranks. They also have 
some traits in common with humans: they are vindictive and malicious. 

That is at least what humans say about trolls - and it might easily 
be that these were humans who actually invented trolls and equipped 
them with these unattracitve (and very human) traits to improve 
the overall image of the human kind.
It is so much easier to dump responsibility on a malicious troll than 
to admit that you have made a mistake, isn't it?

Here are the trolls I made: Mom troll (7cm tall) and two babies. 
I made a polymer clay stroller especially for the troll twins. 
The stroller is equipped with a felt pillow and a felt oak leaf used 
as a cover. There is also a bag with baby accessories: a baby bottle, 
two dummies and two miniature cones to play.

I made the trolls during this year's holidays which I spent at my 
parents cottage. It was wonderful time...

I love the unique atmosphere of that place hidden in the vast prime
forests of Eastern Poland. I also do like the local community of the
place - people happily cultivating the simplicity of life. 
The same neighbors for 30 years - this definitely gives
a sense of stability. A wooden wicket often giving a cracking
sound to welcome the neighbours dropping by to chat over
a steaming cup of coffee and a piece of deliciously smelling cake.

It is the place that shaped me and it will stay in my heart forever...