How is it made?

I make various types of miniature characters and miniature equipment
(food, furniture and also other things of daily and not-that-daily use).

I work in 1:12 scale (dollhouses scale), but I also make all these things
in larger sizes (fx 1:6 scale).

I enjoy most to create characters, of both genders and all ages,
from an infant to an old man.

I sculpt each figure individually (with special polymer clay for
making dolls),  so each one is different and unique.
The various parts of the body of my characters - head, arms, legs, torso - are formed separately. All the parts are then assembled into a whole.
This design makes it possible for my figures to take many different poses.
For painting (face, nails, age spots) I use pastels and various
types of gels. Clothes are usually glued to prevent large, unsightly seams.

I take care of every detail . The most important is face.
I love sculpting faces. It all starts in the expression of the eyes.
The eyes should say something. I take particular care to make eyes
of my characters express what I want them to express.
The rest is created by the way; as an implication of the expression
of the eyes.

Food and some other items are formed in polymer clay,
then painted and varnished.

Furniture: beds, tables, sellers stalls are made of wood.
Depending on an effect I want to obtain furniture is painted,
antiqued, varnished and so on.

I love this artistic process of creation.
Luckily, I have lots of ideas that I will be gradually implementing.
Sometimes I regret I do not have a few more pairs of hands...