About me

First of all, I am .

Then there's everything else that defines us in this world: 
the fact that I'm a woman, that I'm Polish, 
that I like to bring charm into life and...
that I like to make cakes (not only with polymer clay).

My hands used to like to draw, paint, cut, sew and mold 
with modeling clay, already when I was a kid. 
At that time, the artistic effect was minimal, 
and the destruction of the surroundings great,
in particular because it was modeling with clay that already 
then was my favorite form of expression.
As it is now...
A piece of matter at the palm of my hand and that amazing feeling 
that from that shapeless mass there soon will emerge 
an expression of eyes, a smile, a gesture.
It is this feeling that rewards the effort and encourages further work.

Moreover, I like to watch people.
Much more from inside than from outside.
I am always moved with deeply hidden human sensibility and fragility.
It most likely comes from my nature, and perhaps...
it is also a little bit related to my education.
In any case, these observations of a variety of human states
influence my work.

Since I can remember, I photograph the world. 
Thus I am the author of all pictures on this blog.

Well, probably funny thing, from time to time I make wooden furniture, 
but not only miniature ones. Also the big, real ones :-)
But that is another story, which my family, my friends and 
even neighbors joke about. Thanks for that! :-)

Dear visitor, if you've gotten to this point I would like to thank you 
for your attention and invite you to view my work frequently.

With warm greetings
Agnieszka Pawlowska

Pictures of some of my sculptures:

Also pictures of my furniture ( in a real human scale 1:1 :-)):

The sliding door
The bookcase
The built-in wardrobe

The sliding door (no.2) . It was really hard work! :-)


  1. The best I have ever seen !

    1. I'm dooing now the next character and your words just gave me wings... Thank you! :-)

  2. very creative, joyful woman!!! Nice to meet you :-)