Monday, 1 December 2014

Around the World in One Special Night...

In the brand new issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene my article "Around the World in One Special Night" has just appeared:

It includes my new character of Santa Claus and presents the very night, when Santa is about embarking on his yearly tour around the world. He is lying in his bed to sleep, stretching and yawning.
He has only a few hours of sleep left before he will start his yearly hard job. Everything is ready, the sack filled up with presents and tied. The bored cat is wandering underfoot.

In your miniature world you can create a similar scene – I have described in the article how you can do it. It might seem infeasible at the first glance, because of the complexity of making the Santa Claus character. But far from that. A step-by-step tutorial, that has been published in the brand new 2015 edition of Dolls House Projects, will smoothly guide you through the process -
I have described there in great detail how to create easily a base of Santa's figure, how to carve his face, hands and legs, and how to sew his outfit.

Looking at Santa's pictures below we should not be surprised that he is yawning so widely. He is quite tired, as it took him the all year long to get ready for that special night. Santa was patiently reading our letters to give us what we have been dreaming about.
Now will he sleep shortly but happily as he does realise that he is a symbol of the most beautiful thing – giving. After all, it is us who give. We turn presents into gifts, discretely putting love inside beautifully wrapped boxes. Is it why the old Santa is smiling in his sleep?
Is it why this very night is special?

Happy Christmas to all of you!