Roots of my passion

Everything has its beginning...

Imagine a summer day.
An old, maritime Danish town, bathed in the rays of the afternoon sun.
Old houses, tightly together, their walls tilted because of age,
yet striking with surprisingly vibrant colors.
Shining cobblestones, wiped off with millions of feet.
An organ-grinder performing on a street.
A scenery from H.C. Andersen's tales, you would say.

It seemed it could not be more wonderful.
But it could and it was...

An old-fashioned boutique - with a green awning and an exhibition
window filled in with miniatures - made the impression complete.
My enchantment was endless.
And because everything has its unexpected beginning,
an idea was born in my heart:
What if...?

And it happened, there, at that very place - somewhere between
a buzz of conversations and sounds of a barrel organ,
between a sweet taste of candies produced according
to a traditional Danish recipe and a salty smell of sea,
between sunlight flickering on my hair
and warm wind gently touching my skin -
somewhere there, woken up by all my senses,
a great passion of my life had begun.
A big adventure had started.
A new chapter had opened for me.

I will present here everything that is related to this
new chapter of my life:
a variety of miniature characters, miniature equipment and
things of daily and not-that-daily use, food,
and whatever else my imagination will pass on to my sculpturing hands.

I am currently working on a wooden, two-storied confectionery.
My confectionery is already finished from the outside,
but finishing the interior, 'baking' a lot of goodies and
creating a seller take a little more time.

Feel always invited to my Miniature Avenue!

Here is the place, where it all began: