Friday, 15 June 2012

No knitting, just football!

We have now the European Championship in football!              
Luckily, held in Poland, my country.
So I present probably the smallest fan of that Championship.
This old lady is 14cm tall (1:12 scale).
She is dressed in a beige skirt, a pink sweater
and her neck has a beige scarf adorned with a brooch.
But the most important is a set of a Polish football fan:
a hat, a scarf (the inscription on it means Poland) and even a ball .
Everything of course in colours of the Polish national team.
There is also a basket of hand knitting.
Not everyone likes football, but this old lady is unique.
She has completely lost her interest in knitting
for the football emotion.
Long live football! I like football very much and
because of football I have already bitten my fingernails,
so I'm afraid on this Saturday (match Poland - Czech Republic)
I'll lose all my fingers ;-)
Anyhow, I am definitely not going to knit! 

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  1. Great character! I'm sure there are many just like her in RL too. Sandie