Friday, 14 September 2012

A slow morning...

Imagine a grey morning with rain tapping on the windowsill... 
But luckily enough, you do not need to rush this morning. 
Still in your pyjamas, wrapped up with a warm dressing gown,
you can devote all your senses to contemplating your breakfast.
Staring through the window, you wrap your hands around
a blistering cup of coffee or chocolate, enjoying its charming aromas.
Slowly waking up, you reach for a morning newspaper,
start reading it and smelling its fresh printing.
A crispy croissant makes your breakfast complete.

I love such slow mornings. And you?

The male figure I made is dressed in striped pyjamas and a maroon, satin dressing gown. Round his neck he wears a scarf. His feet are bare.
Included is a breakfast tray containing a cup filled with chocolate, 

a croissant, a red apple, and a morning newspaper.  
Everything is handmade by me.   
The figure is in scale 1:12, 16 cm high.

Enjoy your breakfast! :-)


  1. Your blog is amazing!
    I will follow your blog.
    Please take a look into my world.

    Love from Marijke

    1. I just visited your blog and I love it! You create not only wonderful dolls and teddy bears, but also a great atmosphere! I'm your newest fan number 1300 :-)

  2. Hello Agnieszka, I love the character that you put into their faces. All of the hard work shows. Love your characters!
    Many hugs, conny

  3. Hi Agnieszka! I am so glad that you visited my blog and became a member!
    Your work is so amazingly beautiful and cute! I love it.
    You are an artist at creating a very special atmosphere indeed...
    Have fun!

    Whit Love,


  4. So often I find male dolls very unconvincing but you have the knack of making them really well. This figure is another example of how well you do them. A great success! And yes, O love slow, lazy mornings too. Sandie