Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sweet grandma's memories

This time I'm presenting characters in scale 1:6 - a little girl and her grandmother.

Many of us have such great memories of our beloved grandparents:
grandma serving delicious treats or sewing clothes for dolls
or grandpa taking for walks or reading fairy tales.

Just take a look at the two characters I made: they seem to be very
satisfied with each other's company.

The girl is 16 cm cm tall . She is dressed in a pink dress finished with
a cream lace. Her hair is formed into a mass of bright curls,
decorated with a pink bow. Shoes are light beige.
Grandma is 29 cm tall . She is dressed in a black lace blouse
and a dark brown skirt. Her slightly disheveled  hair is decorated
with ornamental hairpins.

I made some extra equipment for this set: there is a box of chocolates,
and a sweet doll belonging to the girl . The doll is dressed in a cream
suit and a cream cap and is 8 cm tall .