Friday, 1 March 2013

After the exibition in Miniseum (Mariager, Denmark) - 23.02.2013

Here are the photos from the exhibition that took place in Miniseum (Mariager, Denmark - on 23. Feb. 2013. 

Sorry for the delay in publishing the photos, but I had a problem with internet connection at the hotel I stayed (I could not read my e-mail either, sorry for that). But now I am back home and thus back online! :)

Many thanks to All those who came to the exhibition - 
it was great to meet you All in real life and enjoy the possibility of talking to you. It was a very exciting and interesting day.

Special thanks go to Birthe for her hospitality and for the possibility of presenting my dolls in her fantastic museum. Thanks for everything, Birthe! ♥

I would also like to thank Johny, Susanne, Karlo, Tina, and Filip :-)

The photos were taken during the exhibition at the Miniseum. My dolls are presented on some photos with the permanent exhibition of Miniseum in the background.

The last photo reflects my devotion to the miniature world :-)
Thank you once again! <3 

You can also read about the exhibition here: